Navigating Your Way Through a Trap…. The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap – London, West End – July 25th, 3:00PM

To be fair, I had read the play of The Mousetrap for school a few years back, so I was familiar with the main notions, and of course, the famous and surprising ending. Therefor, I did not really enjoy the show. For starters, the theater is one of the oldest I have been to, and it seems that the St Martins Theatre has not been renovated – the seats creaked tremendously throughout the show, and were very uncomfortable. Despite having big signs on the doors saying that the theater was equip with air conditioning, it was unbearably hot inside.

The show itself is very clever, however, I was not as enthralled by it this time, again, probably since I read the play prior to seeing it. The cast were good, but could easily be replaced, no one particularly stood out for me, and therefor I will not be going into a character analysis or praise in this blog.

I am still very fond of the play, I was just let down by my overall experience, and thought the play would have some more pizazz to it. It seemed when reading it, I imagined it differently and it was more exciting than what I witnessed on stage, Tuesday afternoon. The costumes and the scenery were all very dated, and looked dirty. Everything (including the theater) could have used a bit of a clean.

If you have not seen The Mousetrap, catch it before it closes, which will probably be in the next 20 years. I was lucky enough to attend performance number 26,968 – very significant (not). I purchased a seat in the rear stalls for £35 however, the theater was depressingly empty upon my arrival, and many others (including myself) moved around after the show had started. Top tip – buy the cheapest seat in the theater and move shorty after the show begins. Don’t let this review put you off from this masterpiece, it is an incredible mystery, I guess I was just a little let down from the performance I attended. The play proves to still stand strong 65 years later.


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